Our Peer mentoring programme matches older care leavers in one-on-one relationships to provide guidance for looked after children from age 8 to 16.


Through this special relationship, peer mentors provide advice and support and serve as role models for younger people who need help. Challenges facing those being mentored include problems with schoolwork; social issues, such as pressure to drink or smoke; family problems or tension; and other typical difficulties of growing up. A peer mentor can also simply be someone for a younger student to hang out with.

The single most important voice is that of Looked After Children who tell us that they “know what it (being in care) is like” and that they can say “we know how you (mentee) feel and we actually do”. Care Leavers believe that they could have benefited from being supported by someone “who’s been there”, who had a “shared experience” which would have helped them understand and know “what we were going through”.

Mentoring programs, when carefully designed and well run, provide positive influences for younger people who may need a little extra attention or who don't have a good support system available to them. For example, a young person who has recently been placed in care or who has experienced neglect or abuse or who simply feels lonely or uncomfortable in large group situations may especially benefit from the support, attention, and kindness of a peer mentor, along with other supports.

If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteer mentors please complete our application form – Pure Insight Mentoring Application Form


What do I get?

We are glad you asked.....

When you take on the role of volunteer Peer Mentor with Pure Insight not only will you feel rewarded, the experience will look great on your CV...... What are you waiting for!