Hi girls!  I just wanted to say a heart-felt thank you for the training and support you have all given me over the past three months.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this enlightening and insightful experience and feel very proud to be associated with Pure Insight.  It's so refreshing to work with people who share a common goal with such integrity, whilst genuinely wanting to make a difference to people's lives.  You are all shining stars in my humble opinion and the young people you are actively supporting have a very real chance to create a fulfilled and better life.  I applaud you all and feel so privileged to be working alongside you. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Xxxx

Care Leaver
Aged 18

Hi, my name is Lizzy, I am 18 years old and a care Leaver.

I have been involved with Pure Insight for about a year now after my friend told me about Cafe Zest.

I go to the Cafe every week to chill and it gives me something to do during the week, especially as it reminds me that the weekend is coming too.

If I didn't go to the Cafe, I wouldn't meet other people like myself as I don't go out much alone. I like talking to young people with similar experiences and to have an opportunity to make arrangements to meet up outside of the Cafe.

Cafe Zest is good for those people who might not get a healthy hot meal any other time in the week.

Everyone knows each other really well and there are adults there to help to sort any problems, especially when people don't get on.
Pure Insight also support me in meetings with Social Services. I feel like I am listened to more when they are there and I feel much more comfortable having someone there just for me.

In June this year, I was matched to my Mentor, Joanne. I see her as someone who has a lot more experience of life and is just like a friend to me. She is not linked to other services so I know that what I talked to her about is confidential in the same way that I can talk to close friends my age.

When we meet up, we both enjoy a good cup of coffee while we chat about life in general or any worries that I might have.

I will keep being involved with Pure Insight because you feel part of a family and never feel alone. I always talk about Pure Insight to other young people who have been in care so that they can access the same kind of support as me.

Thank you to everyone who makes Pure Insight what it is. 😊

Care Leaver

Age 19

I've had a mentor for 19 months and it was the best thing that ever happened to me and my family, he helped me to get my life back on track do the best. Has always supported me with everything I needed support with I never go a day without seeing or speaking to my mentor. Thank You!

Care Leaver
Aged 17

I'm 17 years old and was matched with my mentor 7 months ago. My goals were:

1. Support with finance
2. Ready for employment
3. Health and wellbeing

Since meeting my mentor, I have achieved the following:

  • I eat healthier meals and spend a lot less money than I used to on food. 

  • I am saving over £60 per month on gas an electric just by swapping my service providers.

  • I am more organised.

  • I get out more and my confidence is building. I have also learned to swim – it only took me one hour!

  • I have a job!

Guy and Dale
Guy and Dale - Part 1
Guy and Dale
Guy and Dale - Part 2

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Care Leaver
Aged 19

I'm a 19 year old who has been supported by Pure Insight and is currently awaiting a mentor. My goals are:

1. Support with finance
2. Encouragement with studies
3. Build on self confidence

Since being supported by the team I have been able to: 

  • Achieve amazing results with my University studies (whilst still working)

  • I am working on growing my confidence 

  • I have started volunteering myself and I LOVE IT


I have been a volunteer mentor with Pure Insight for 18 months. I love that I am part of an extended family of like minded people.

Cafe Zest

I have only been supporting the cafe for a few months and I had to take two weeks off for personal reasons. I really missed going and missed being around the young people. I can't believe how quickly I feel part of the team.

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