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Our Young Persons Achievements....

Meet Jo….

Jo is 19 and has been matched with her mentor Alex for a year: Jo said that she wanted to feel more attached to places and people, but doing that was hard for her. Jo and Alex agreed they would work on the following:

  • Community Connections – Jo wanted to have more people in her life who she could trust and who would help improve her life

  • Physical Health – Jo had worked hard at making changes in her life and wanted to be encouraged to keep up her healthy life style

  • Meaningful Use of Time – Jo wanted help to plan new things to do and with encouragement to ensure she stuck to them

  • Managing Where I Live – Jo was living in temporary accommodation where she was taking steps to be ready to managing her own home

  • Emotional and Mental Health – Jo was trying ways to improve her emotional well being

Since being matched, Jo has made some amazing steps forward:

  • Community Connections – Jo has been supported to maintain positive connections with her birth family. She has been supported during meetings with social care and is building bridges (although she still feels a lack of trust). Jo now realises that she has had people in her life who have had a negative influence and has now chosen to distance herself from these people. Moving forward with various relationships has also given Jo more confidence

  • Physical Health – Jo now goes to the gym with Alex. Jo has also started to attend medical appointments unsupported – a huge step forward. Jo also continues to eat healthy and now manages a budget that includes weekly food shopping

  • Meaningful Use of Time – Jo has been encouraged to engage in activities that interest her such as being a member of an interview panel for a paid workers and being involved in training of mentors. She continues to have a keen interest to be Involved with local consultations

  • Managing Where I Live – Jo has been supported practically and emotionally to move into independent accommodation. This has been and exciting and anxious time for Jo – realising that she is responsible for planning and budgeting is HUGE. She has also been supported to navigate the benefits system and personal budget

  • Emotional and Mental Health – Jo now acknowledges that when she is under stress and feeling anxious that she can make knee jerk reactions and her behaviour may come across as inappropriate. She is learning to think before taking action and is developing new skills with the support of the mentor. Jo is taking responsibility for her own actions


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