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Friday inspiration...

Happy Friday everyone.... we wanted to share some inspiration.

At Pure Insight the team (which includes our young people, volunteers, supporters and sponsors) are constantly looking (and battling in some instances) at ways to extend the support we provide to our young people (YP), provide as much care as we can (all our mentors and the team go above and beyond often), build treasured memories, look at practical ways to help, celebrate special day…. the list goes on, and I’m sure you know what I mean. We are a passionate bunch!

Fiona Insight shared a few inspirational stories about our YP which we wanted to share.

Our YP are supporting each other with child care; YP visiting other YP in hospital as emotional support; mentors and coordinators are helping YP to donate furniture they no longer need; YP donated a quite new carpet to another YP who hasn’t had one ever in their home; a supporter has organised for YP to have it fitted for free by a church that she is local to; Pooch party meeting weekly to walk their dogs – promotes relationships and hope to support with good pet care; the free/swaps Insight page one of our volunteers has made which means YP and staff can source and offer donations to other YP – a volunteer has sourced around 6 moses baskets for our Mum’s, lots of baby items being reused and offered to new parent; Parent group at Kidzillla started and meeting fortnightly; Pride Project – Alice Insight organised for YP to help make things to sell; help on the day which enhanced selling skills…. and breath.

Staying with our YP; a few have signed up for education and will start their studies in September; one has started an apprenticeship with Virgin trains and has been given a number of commendations for his work; one YP volunteers in Manchester every week to do things like weeding and watering the plants; helping out at the homeless shelter; picking up fruit and veg that has been donated to the kitchens; one has started a traineeship and is currently undertaking 200 hours of a placement; one YP helped Janine Insight to move house.… to name but some of what the YP we support are achieving.

Our YP, volunteers, supporters and sponsors are all amazing, they inspire us every moment of every day. We hope that their achievements have inspired you too.

If you feel you could support us take a look at our ‘Support Us’ pages or just get in touch.

Have a lovely extended weekend everyone.

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