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An update from Fi Insight

This months BLOG comes from our very own Fi Insight. As I was reading this an adding it to our BLOG I felt a huge huge sense of pride at being part of Pure Insight. Fi (and all the mentor co-ordinators, volunteers and partners) you're wonderful!

This is Fi and Arron, one our young people spending the rest of his leaving care grant to make his house into a home. Arron had tried his best to make his flat as homely as possible but this is difficult on a low income. Fi arranged for the remainder of Arron’s grant to be given to Insight so that we could take him shopping to spend it! Usually young people would have to wait until their PA to be available to go with them but this is difficult as they have so many young people to support. This is a wonderful demonstration of #thepowerofteamwork

Arron and his mentor Lee made a plan of what he wanted/needed to make his flat feel like home including clocks, rugs, cushions and throws, new bed sheets, blinds for his windows and some bathroom storage. They started by painting his living room/bedroom so it was a little more to Arron’s taste.

Arron is really pleased with his new items, especially his new wall planner that he can write his appointments on so he doesn’t forget them! Thank you Lee for helping him to feel like he has a warm and inviting home. (October 2019)

Kim was Pure Insight’s first ever young person who we supported to find employment under our EET contract with Stockport Council 11 years ago. Today she celebrated her successes in her employment and said goodbye to life long friends she has made to venture into a new career path. Kim has made us so incredibly proud with her commitment to work and her local community. She runs a weekly coffee morning at her gym after noticing that elderly neighbours living opposite are in need of company but maybe didn’t want to attend the spinning class. Kim’s determination and commitment shone through at todays celebration as she was visited by many friends old and new who wanted to wish her well.

Kim is off to Stepping Hill hospital to support people suffering with dementia, a role perfectly suited to her and her kind heart. Good luck Kim on your new adventure! We are right behind you!! (November 2019)

Clare and G have been matched for just over 2 years as part of our mentoring scheme. Today Fiona met with them to bring their formal mentoring agreement to an end so that they can now move forward as friends!

To celebrate their friendship and commitment to each other, Clare and G are holding a charity event to fundraise for Pure Insight. How amazing is that?! Thank you to everyone who went down to support them.

On the 1st of November, Insight staff and young people attended the 'Doing things differently' for Care Leaver’s conference at Manchester University. This event was attended by over 150 social care professionals, teaching staff, charities and young people to focus on how we can be the change in the support given to them as they leave care.

The Care Experienced Conference group delivered the findings of their first ever Care Experienced Conference research, headed by two care experienced professionals and there wasn’t a dry in the place as they received a standing ovation for their dedication.

We were lucky enough to be mentioned a number of times in relation to our mentoring scheme and how our volunteers deliver crucial support to care leavers across Greater Manchester and our director Sarah, joined by Karen Bazell (manager of Stockport’s leaving care team) delivered a number of workshops explaining the scheme and how to get involved. It was refreshing to see so much interest!

We were joined by two of our young people who themselves gave their overview of how the scheme has supported them.

It was a fantastic day and it was heartwarming to hear so many inspirational stories. (November 2019)

Our very own Janine Hall with one of our mentors and mentee’s delivering their stories to the Stockport Corporate parent conference. It was so brave of them and the other young people to stand up and share their stories and we are so proud of them!!

Alongside these wonderful individuals was one of our mentors who is a social care manager. She wanted to continue to support mentee after the formal social care support was no longer available and so signed up to be a mentor with us. The most inspiring part of her speech was when she said that being able to give her young person her personal mobile number was so important and spoke volumes as to how she felt about her young person. This is the kind of relationships we want to create at Insight and we are very lucky to have her and all of our other volunteers. (October 2019).

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