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Feedback Procedure

Policy Statement

Pure Insight aims to be a learning organisation. We welcome all comments and feedback about the way we work, whether positive or negative so that we can do even better in the future. Pure Insight is committed to excellent service. We regard complaints as an opportunity to learn and to improve. If you have a complaint about us or problem, we will aim to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible in a personal, fair and confidential way.

Purpose of the Feedback Policy

  • Listen and are responsive to people who raise an issue with us.

  • Respond swiftly and at a level close to the point of service delivery.

  • Are fair and consistent.

  • Offer solutions and/or explanations.

  • Offer complainants recourse to someone more senior/more independent if they wish.

  • Ensure that staff who are mentioned in complaints receive support.

  • Respect confidentiality.

  • Record complaints consistently and monitor what we record.

  • Use complaints positively as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

Read our full Feedback Policy here

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