Louise Parrott-Bates – Pure Insight Chair starting 10th October 2013

Louise is the CEO of Pure Innovations Charity – working towards disadvantaged people having good lives with purpose and meaning.

Louise trained as a Social Worker and spent all her career working with people to improve their independence, skills and wellbeing.

Responsible for over 200 staff and a budget in excess of five million – she is driven to implement change in services and systems to ensure disadvantaged people have improved lives.

Leadership skills and a passion in not settling for “good enough”  drives her enthusiasm to continually improve the culture that reflects the values and behaviours of Pure Innovations.    

Louise is also chair of two other charities – Sector 3  and Pure Insight. She utilises her experience and knowledge to ensure these charities are financially sustainable, aspirational for growth with an infrastructure to realise its potential. Risk, governance and compliance are managed with and thru the board and senior managers.

Oliver Gardner – member since 1st April 2016

As a practising solicitor, specialising in criminal defence and other legally aided work, my work, over 20 years has brought me into contact with many children and  young people.  Early on, I became conscious of the disproportionate number of looked after children entering the criminal justice system and as I gained experience, I grew totally frustrated by the woeful lack of provision for so many of these children.

It started to occur to me that many looked after children were being failed by the very system intended to help them and as a direct consequence of this failure many such children were falling into the criminal justice system.  Through my work, as is often the case, I built relationships with many of my young clients. Although, my role in their lives was for a specific purpose, I came to appreciate the positive effect of the relationship on the young person. It also occurred to me how very much a positive type of relationship was missing from so many of my young clients’ lives.

Feeling somewhat constrained by the nature of my relationship as their solicitor, I decided to train as a ChildLine counsellor and then went on to study counselling and psychotherapy to level 3 in the hope that I could work more closely and more positively impact the lives of children  young people within the care system.   In fact, it was whilst I was training as a counsellor that a friend, also on the course recommended the mentoring programme at Pure Insight. I completed the programme and then having seen first-hand the huge benefits of it and the other work undertaken by Pure I wanted to help the charity to a greater extent and so through my efforts I was then invited to join the board of Trustees which I readily and with great pride accepted.

As a solicitor I consider my ability to make objective judgements based on the processing of information a key skill from which the organisation can benefit. My knowledge and experience of the criminal justice system is also a useful.  Resource from which the charity can draw.

As a trained counsellor, I would hope that my ability to listen, express non-judgemental advice and offer positive regard to the young people we work with will be considered a useful asset.

Ed Nixon – member since 10th September 2016


I am a social worker who has worked with children and their families for over forty years. Initially I worked for a Local Authority (Sefton MBC) as social worker, Senior Social Worker and then Area Manager leading a fieldwork team covering everything to do with Children and Families social work. Before leaving the Local Authority, after 27 years, I had become Service Manager for Looked After Children managing everything from Children’s homes to Adoption with Fostering, Leaving Care and a team working to avoid children coming into care as part of my brief.


I then transferred across to the Independent Sector– as the Group Operations Manager and subsequently CEO for an independent provider where we eventually delivered residential child care, fostering, education and therapeutic services to children with a whole spectrum of needs. Everything was judged to be ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’ by Ofsted and not yet ‘Good Enough’ by me and my colleagues. I was made redundant in 2015 after a change of ownership and I would say (well I would wouldn’t I?) of ethos too.

Since then I have worked independently supporting residential and fostering providers and undertaking commissions from (variously) the Independent Children’s Homes Association, the National Centre for Excellence in Residential Child Care and ‘Action for Children’.

I have been involved in the Every Child Leaving Care Matters campaign  since day 1 (December 2013)and plan to be there on whatever day it is that we achieve the right for all children in residential care to ‘Stay Put’ if they so choose.

I am proud to be a trustee of Pure Insight and hope that my Local Authority, Private sector and more recently voluntary work has enabled me to develop some knowledge and a degree of expertise to bring to the table.

Steph Watkin- member since 2019

I was a solicitor in central Manchester for over 20 yrs before moving to live in America. Upon my return I volunteered with Pure Insight as a Parent Angel and then completed the mentor training course in September 2016. I was consistently impressed with the work of the charity and ethos of the staff that I knew I wanted to do more and so became involved with their other projects and haven’t looked back since.

I have personally seen the huge benefits the mentoring scheme can bring to the lives of  young adults , the tag line of “transforming lives “ really is true. I remain committed to working with Pure Insight to deliver their goals and ideals.

Andy Britton- member since 2019


After leaving school I worked  in the chemical industry but finding this unfulfilling I retrained  as a teacher.

I started my career working with children  in  south London primary schools.

After a break I returned to teaching in special education, ending up as headteacher of a residential  school for children with complex needs.

During this time I completed a masters degree in psychology and went on to train as an Educational Psychologist .

I eventually specialised in work with looked after children, working directly with social work colleagues. 

I was also involved in a number on innovative approaches and training programmes supporting parents and careers. 

This included:-  

A ‘Parenting  Mindfully’ programme : a  Programme to support Foster Carers ( fostering attachments) : a programme to help adoptive parents promote positive attachments with their adopted children.

I became aware of Pure through working for a local authority.

Since retirement I have enjoyed working in my local community garden as well as volunteering at a small local hospital.

I find time to walk, ride my bike and visit  my family in various parts of the country.

I have recently learned to make stained glass and have set up a small workshop in my cellar!


Jenny Bagchi – member since September 2020


Jenny recently took up the position of Programme Manager for the Trauma Responsive Greater Manchester programme – working towards Greater Manchester becoming a Trauma Responsive city-wide region.

Jenny was the first and only person in her family to go to university and graduated in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Social Sciences but the learning didn’t stop there! She then went on to complete a teacher training qualification and human resource management qualification and became a member of CIPD.

Her early adverse experiences, including experience of the care system and becoming a young parent, influenced her career choices which have predominantly been focused around inclusion, social justice and compassion, and as such she has gained experience leading services supporting women in the criminal justice system and youngsters leaving care (as an Ops Manager at Pure Insight). 

Jenny is passionate about empowering disadvantaged groups to have a voice and is a strong advocate for trauma informed, person centred working, as well as building resilient communities and emotionally intelligent teams, leading by example. 

Jenny is really proud to take up the role as a Trustee and hopes to provide support to the leadership team and help wherever she can!


David Zucker  – member since March 2022


David retired in 2016 after working in commerce for over 40 years in senior management positions. 
He is still a non-executive Director with his last employer, the Comfyquilts Group.

For the last six years, He has been mentoring young, and start-up businesses, as well as advising those wishing to start businesses, or enter the job market. He has done this as a Founder Trustee of a charity, the JEWEL Foundation.
Whilst still working, He focussed his voluntary work around my synagogue, in many roles, from Youth coordinator to President, and for the last four years, as Treasurer. He is still a Director of the synagogue, which is a charity.
Having given up the Treasurer role, He has found time to become involved in other Charity work, and a Trustee of Coffee4Craig, a Manchester homeless charity, and Pure Insight. 
"I didn’t know about Pure Insights till I became a Trustee. But I am moved and inspired by the commitment of its leadership and my fellow Trustees, and am delighted to have the opportunity of applying my business and charity experience for the benefit of such a worthwhile charity."

Laura Rogers  – member since March 2022


Laura is a CIPD qualified HR professional. her initial interest in HR stems from sitting on the youth panel interviewing potential social workers as a teenager when she was living in foster care. she quickly became interested and aware of how important ensuring the right people are employed in the right role is, and she is grateful to the adults who supported her with her decision to study at university.

Laura passionate about improving the lives of young people, particularly those with care experience, throughout her career she has worked in HR departments within youth charities and an independent children’s service provider.

She is currently a HR Consultant working with small businesses to meet their HR needs.

"I’m excited to be joining Pure Insight as a Trustee as an opportunity to support the charity with my HR and lived experience."

Neil Ward  – member since March 2022


Since a young age Neil has been fascinated with business and how organisations determine and fulfil their purpose. Having focused on business studies throughout his education, he then spent 14 years working in banking with some of the most successful businesses in the North. In 2016 he moved from banking to join the fantastic team at One+All, a Stockport B Corporation that exists to grow for the greater good. He has been Managing Director for three years in which time the team has continued to make great strides forward in improving customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, our impact on the planet and our commercial results. 

For some time He has felt that if he could add anything to another organisation that was making peoples lives better, it would be an extremely valuable use of time. Having said that, He is very conscious that his experience is in banking, finance and business strategy - therefore these are the areas he hopes to be able to contribute towards. He then became aware of the fantastic work being done by Pure Insight.
"Though I have only been involved for a short period of time, it’s clear that Pure Insight has an incredibly positive impact on the lives of young people. I’m proud and privileged to now be a part of this and hope I can help over many years to come."