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Our Mentoring and Psychological Wellbeing Services are both cited as a best practice example’s in the recent Independent Review of Childrens Social Care Independent review of children's social care: final report - GOV.UK ( on pages 194 as a best practice organisation ‘helping care leavers build a network’ and p221 “Achieving better mental health outcomes for care leavers will form part of the National Children’s Social Care Framework, and best practice should build upon existing work done by organisations such as Pure Insight, which provide a psychological wellbeing service and counselling service to young people and care leavers.” 

The-independent-review-of-childrens-social-care-Final-report.pdf (page 43,  152 Best Practice model and 173 reference to PWW service)  (page 36)

Childhood Trauma and the Brain | UK Trauma Council - Bing video

Linking childhood trauma to mental health - UKTC (

Opening Doors Trauma Informed Practice for the Workforce on1080, Mp4 - Bing video

Sowing Seeds: Trauma Informed Practice for Anyone Working with Children and Young People - Bing video

Trauma and the Brain: Understanding abuse survivors responses - Bing video

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